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British Nuclear Community Audio Library

Take a tour around the audio gallery, a growing collection of audio recordings relating to our British Nuclear Community.

If you wish to record your memories, those of your father or grandfather please send them to in MP3 format with covering information.

Our first recordings are a series of three special compilations produced by Gordon Murray Senior Lecturer Department of Performing Arts at the University of Winchester.

Gordon Murray Collection

Three unique pieces that juxtaposition the experiences of veterans and their offspring
and create an immersive environment giving the listener a glimpse into our world.

I decided to create a series of short audio pieces, each concentrating on individual descendants that investigated and described the way that the bomb blasts that their fathers had experienced had been subsumed and embodied in their own lives. Each piece would use recorded interviews with fictionalised moments; and all the narratives would be tied together with a rhythmic narrative poem. These pieces could stand alone as audio portraits to be listened to through broadcast, or through being located on suitable websites, or they could tour with exhibitions, and they could be emailed backwards and forwards amongst interested listeners.

Gordon Murray 2018


A radiation biologist and a reiki healer consider what it means to be an absorber of energies. A nuclear child’s uncanny childhood experience connects him to his father’s confrontation of the bomb blast. A digital picture hanging from the wall narrates for us and we are asked to consider the nature of exposure.

Gordon Murray Writer
Paul Carter Sound design
Chris Drohan Composer
Narrator Kristin Millward
Clifford Ryan Hayes
Brian Rupert Lazarus
Image Steve Clifford
Featuring interviews with
Steve Clifford and Ian Farlie.


Where is God in the atom bomb? August 6th; Hiroshima day, The Feast of the Transfiguration and the day of Corporal Roy Grigg’s funeral. As his funeral mass takes place his daughter recounts her father’s journey from nuclear veteran to Franciscan friar and Brother Hugh considers the nature of real and metaphorical change.

Gordon Murray Writer
Chris Drohan Sound Design and Composer
Narrator Suzanna Hamilton
Priest Alan David
Francis Dercum Matt Gavan
Singer Amanda Smallbone
Canticle arrangement Stephen Solloway
Image Gary Bennett (official artist of the British Nuclear Comunity)
Featuring interviews with Shelly Grigg and Brother Hugh SSF.


Lights up on stage where the spotlight shines on a wheelchair bound dancer. Nearby a veteran stands beneath the nuclear lights of Christmas Island. Meanwhile Samuel Beckett’s play endgame is halfway through and a theatre critic speculates on the nature of change.

Written by Gordon Murray
Narrator: Suzanna Hamilton
Hamm: Ronan Paterson
Stage Manager: Fiona Peake
Sound design: Stephen Solloway
Composer: Stephen Solloway
Interview Editor: James Keane
Image Gary Bennett
Featuring interviews with Tim Prentki and Sharon Harris

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